A Time Capsule for the Ages

Going to my grandparents’ house—which they built themselves out of cedar on a sweeping plot of land surrounded by forest—was one of the highlights of my childhood. (Yes, they lived in an actual log cabin in the woods, just like in a storybook!) 🌳🏠🌳

🎶“Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother’s house we go!”🎶

I loved exploring the cavernous, winding property and its forest paths, finding the breathtaking hidden clearing at the end of one particular path, racing to the bottom of the hill, and many, many golf cart rides. So many great memories spending time with Grandma and Papa here! 💕

The original “for sale” sign

It was the quintessential Mondello home for decades. They sold the property about 20 years ago. Last summer, it was amazing to return, reminisce, and dig up our time capsule. Which brings me to . . . 😉

Part 1: The Dig

When I was 5 years old, my dad and I buried a time capsule on my grandparents’ land, just before they moved. 20 years later, we returned to reminisce and dig it up (a few years earlier than planned). It was something special to unearth these memories surrounded by family last summer. So thankful my dad had the foresight for the idea all those years ago! He’s quite the documentarian. 🥰 Scroll to watch the stages of the dig unfold (with captions)!

Part 2: The Unwrapping!🎁

What we found: 📜Letters, 🎨drawings, 📸photos, 💳business cards, 📰a newspaper, 💵a dollar bill, 🎸a guitar pick, 🪨a rock, and 🧸a stuffed animal. Everything was damp, but well-preserved. Dad packed it so well, it survived 20 winters and endless rainstorms. Thanks for creating this special experience for me, Dad! 🥰

The Burial: March 26, 2002
The Dig: May 29, 2022


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