Author Focus Week Day 5: Q&A

Hello everyone! Sarah Natale, here. Thanks for following along with Kellan Publishing and me this week. As you know, Kellan Publishing has been featuring my debut book, The Kiss of Death, by posting blogs all throughout the week. You should all be experts by now! Are you ready to test your knowledge of the book? Don’t worry if you forgot to study – the answers are all in the blogs from this week. That’s right – this quiz is open-note!

Plus, if you get the correct answers, Kellan Publishing will grant you a gift certificate for $2 off your purchase of The Kiss of Death or anything in the bookstore! The coupon is good for one day only. (11/7/15)

Piece of cake, right? Now get testing!

  1. What does my name stand for? Kudos if you can name the translation and phrase!
  2. Who is my favorite author, and why?
  3. What was the impetus that caused me to dabble in historical fiction, resulting in The Kiss of Death?
  4. What was so special about the day I signed with Kellan Publishing?
  5. What is the number one hygiene practice Elizabeth Chauncey uses to prevent catching the plague?

Be sure to email your answers to

Purchase your copy of The Kiss of Death through Kellan Publishing, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Kobo.


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