The Kiss of Death – Debut Book Release

“I didn’t care who saw us there on the street or if the dead stood up in the graves to watch. If this was Hell – London and all the death and darkness around me – then this kiss with Matthias was my small piece of Heaven.”

~ Elizabeth Chauncey, The Kiss of Death

I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Sarah Natale. Currently entering my sophomore year of college, I am thrilled to launch my debut book, The Kiss of Death, which I wrote as a senior in high school.

The Kiss of Death The Kiss of Deathis a suspense-filled historical fiction with a hint of romance, which encompasses an outbreak of the bubonic plague in Medieval London in the year 1348.

Will you refuse its kiss?

Meet the characters of 14th century London living against a backdrop of deadly plague.

Elizabeth Chauncey, 16: a young woman coming of age amidst dark times in a manor home, though she never feels quite right living as nobility.

“I knew my mind was paying tricks on me, but I took a closer look anyway. And sure enough, it was just another man in the crowd who just happened to resemble my former lover and groom to be. Seeming to take my curiosity in his presence as outward friendliness, he approached the clerk area, a little girl about the age of six hand-in-hand with him. I could tell at once that she was his daughter from the matching set of piercing green that decorated her irises. Here it was: further evidence that he was just another man who could not possibly be my Matty.”

~ Elizabeth Chauncey, The Kiss of Death

Matthias de Bourgueville, 19: Elizabeth’s childhood friend and potential love interest. He is apprenticed to her father in the Chauncey craftsman shop.

Paul Chauncey: Elizabeth’s father. He is a wealthy craftsman, but not nobility. His side of the family is a distant relative to the noble family of “de Lacy”; the Chaunceys are not “in” with the aristocrats, and therefore better off. Paul owns the craftsman shop/connecting townhouse and rents it out to tenants, while the Chauncey family lives in the manor house.

I hope that you may fall in love with these characters and feel as devoted to them as I did while crafting their personalities, values, and innermost desires. It is my wish that the world I have created makes you want to jump inside and live in it – or not, considering that this is the deadly plague era. But you get the idea. May the hardships endured by Elizabeth and her family be as real to you as if you are there with them, walking the plague-strewn streets of London in the Middle Ages.

In the words of Elizabeth herself:

“People’s lives were no more sturdy than a moth-eaten wooden board, stepped on by a young boy. They were as fragile as lilies, blowing in the wind; as short as that of a fly; and as tenuous as the human bond to life itself. Easily made, but just as easily broken. If not more easily.”

Purchase your copy of The Kiss of Death here.


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